ECOVIDA training on pharmaceutical processes – ECOVIDA

ECOVIDA training on pharmaceutical processes

PAT Group in Technofidta 2014
6 January, 2015
PAT Group in Expofybi 2015
25 August, 2015


Training on June 29, 2015, at the premises of <strong> PAT GROUP </strong> on <strong>PROCESSES PHARMACEUTICAL (UNIT OPERATIONS) product development. </strong>
The guests were students and teachers of <strong> Pharmacy at the University of La Plata </ strong> and members of the <strong> Drug Production Unit </strong> (<strong> UPM </strong>) of <strong> Instituo Biology, Faculty of Exact Sciences </strong>.

Together we made a tour of the plant <strong> Comasa </strong> and <strong> Wynka </strong>, to know the operation of the machines used in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, after they participated in a practice done by Ecovida, where they saw the whole process of product development for the pharmaceutical industry.